When to seek help from a psychoeducator?

There are many situations that may justify the need to have your child evaluated. If your child presents symptoms of anxiety, behavioral difficulties, adaptation or attentional difficulties, we are able to carry out a complex mandate that involves both the personal development of the child, but also the contribution of the resources of the environment such as CPE, school environment, and rehabilitation center.

The different stages of the service offered

Needs Assessment

An initial meeting will take place in the clinic, at home or by videoconference via Zoom. The purpose of this meeting is to define the problem, plan the evaluation, if necessary, and meet the child. This meeting will serve to clarify your needs and expectations as well as to determine the appropriate service.

Psychoeducational screening and assessment

An assessment may be recommended to better understand your child’s overall difficulties and family dynamics. In addition to participant observation, standardized tools will help identify developmental difficulties (i.e. delays in communication, independence, social, motor and cognitive skills) and / or behavioural difficulties (internalized disorders such as anxiety, depression or externalized disorders such as oppositional behaviors, attention deficit disorder).

Presentation of the psychoeducational report and implementation of the intervention plan

Following the assessment, a meeting will be held to identify the needs of the child and the family and establish interventions aimed at increasing the child’s strengths and guiding him to successful adaptation. During this meeting, a discussion will take place on the appropriate service for the situation (home support or intensive behavioral intervention).

Home support

Home support helps equips parents to implement effective and positive interventions that will improve their child’s skills, increase their personal and parental effectiveness and reduce problematic behaviors. Meetings can be weekly or biweekly depending on the child’s needs Coaching will be offered to parents to apply the means and strategies and ensure the success of the objectives set in the intervention plan. The intervention plan will be reviewed every three months with the family to report and highlight the child’s developments and progress. The objectives and the means used will be modified if necessary.

Intensive Behavioral Intervention

Intensive Behavioral Intervention is designed for children with significant developmental delays. This service provides children with consistent and intensive sessions and are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. The child receives individualized, one-on-one service working with a trained therapist for a minimum of 6 hours per week. (see more information on the service)

Home Support