Consult a psychoeducator?


Various needs and situations may justify consulting a psychoeducator, whether for you, your child, your family or a loved one. Our team is able to provide you with psychoeducational services if your child is facing problems such as:

  • Affective problems (emotional regulation; anxiety, anguish, stress)
  • Behavioural problems and risk-taking behaviours
  • Difficulties in adapting to new situations/contexts (separation; daycare; school)
  • Academic difficulties
  • Attention problems
  • Developmental difficulties or delays
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Intellectual disability

We favor action on the ground. Being present in the daily life of children, we assess the various issues in order to propose solutions specific to each individual’s needs.

Psychoeducation services


It is normal for a parent to ask for help when their child is having behavioral difficulties. Depending on the difficulties, we will suggest the service that best suits your situation and your child’s needs.

  • Developmental assessment of children aged 0-7 years using a standardized tool
  • Assessment of behavioral difficulties in children aged 0-12 years using standardized tools
  • Screening and prevention of adjustment difficulties
  • Intervention in crisis situations
  • Support in daycare and school settings (i.e. evaluation and writing of professional reports for government grants)
  • Support for the development of parenting skills
  • Development of an intervention plan adapted to your situation and review of the plan every three months with all partners involved
  • Intensive behavioural intervention with IBI-trained therapists for children aged 0-12 years with a diagnosis or hypothesis of ASD